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Welcoming the ‘Star Trek’ Litter!

Welcome to our first post here on the site! =)

We welcomed our maiden litter into this crazy world on the 1st of March, 2023. They arrive midday, via Caesarean (mum had slight complications and pups were a bit big, so we went with the safest option for everyone), every single pup health, BIG (everyone between 380-465g(!!), no cleft palates, and everyone safe. Unity recovered well, and we were home will all pups in a few hours after they all had their first feed.

Unfortunately our girl had a bit of a struggle that first week or so, learning to bond with the pups and be calm enough to lay down and feed. First time can be hard! Thankfully since then everyone has settle beautifully and now at 2.5 weeks we’re looking at weights ranging from 1.2-1.5kg! Pup’s are definitely taking after dad in size, with our biggest gorgeous Blue Fawn girl, Kira, the first to be on hold for her new forever family. <3

Pups: 6 girls and 1 boy
AMCARNIFEX ‘Kira’ – Blue fawn female (possible blue fawn sable) – SOLD
AMCARNIFEX ‘Tora’ – Blue fawn female (possible blue fawn sable) – AVAILABLE
AMCARNIFEX ‘Troi’ – Black and white female – AVAILABLE
AMCARNIFEX ‘Spot’ – Black and white female – AVAILABLE
AMCARNIFEX ‘Dax’ – Blue and white female – SOLD
AMCARNIFEX ‘Kes’ – Red/fawn and white female – AVAILABLE
AMCARNIFEX ‘Kang’ – White and blue pied male – SOLD

All pups should be DNA clear of diseases. They will all have full DNA breed profiles done to check for any diseases, and get full colour genetics for prospective owners. DNA will be collected at 6wk vaccination/microchipping appointment, and should be available by pickup date of 8 weeks (3/5/23) or within a month of purchase. DNA processing times are our of our control, but we will do our best!

All pups should carry red, fawn, blue fawn, sable, blue, recessive black, possible brindle, possible black mask and possible tri-colour. Both our adult dogs are tri-colour carriers, so the pups have a 66% chance of being a single gene carrier.

All pups carry the double factor (homozygous) gene for bulk body size and large growth. They will all be solid medium/large at full size. They will grow to 12 months, and then fill out for another year or two.

Dad (Rick) is available to view anytime, and appointments can be made to view puppies. At this time, our dam is still in very high ‘protective mum’ mode so will only be available to view as the puppies are older. Pictures happily supplied on request.


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