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Who are we?

AMCARNIFEX is a small home kennel with just our two dogs! Our boy, Rick, has done stud work for the last few years, and Unity, our dam, joined us two years ago from CHOSENSOLJAS kennels up north!

Myself (Rose) and my partner in the kennel (Nick) have been best mates for almost 20 years. We now live together in a home in Daisy Hill, QLD (Logan Council, just south of Brisbane) where we have lived for around 5 years.

Rick joined us as a pet and a potential stud in January 2019. He’s grown up to be an outstanding Bully style amstaff, with an absolute lovebug temperament and a soft docile nature (he doesn’t know his size though, and at 37kg that can be a bit of a squishy cuddle time!)

We decided 2.5 years ago to put in a good search for a smaller type female, as a pet and as a potential breeding bitch once she was older. Unity has been an incredible addition to the family, and while definitely showing more of the ‘terrier’ traits of the breed, she is sweet, funny, stubborn, and a blast to be around.

I myself (Rose) am currently a Vet Nurse, working in a clinic in Pimpama on the Gold Coast and completing my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Nick is a software engineer, working from home, and part of a few great businesses.

Together with our network of friends and support, we have dived into our first litter under our kennel prefix, AMCARNIFEX.

AMCARNIFEX ‘Star Trek’ Litter, ready for new homes first week of May, 2023!
See our current litters page for more information and availability.

Healthy, quality dogs is our goal…

Both our dogs have full DNA done, as well as hip and elbow scoring, annual Veterinary checkups for health as well as health status pre-breeding.

Our dam had regular vet checks, Ultrasound at 6 week and X-ray at 8 weeks, to determine puppy numbers, viability, and if natural birth was a safe option.

All puppies will come with vet health checks, microchipping, vaccinations (up to date for age), worming at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks if still with us at home. At 12 weeks, they will start Nexgard Spectra.


Vet Nurse, Student, Wildlife rehabber, DIY enthusiast, always a little tired


Software Engineer, lover of cats and dogs, Unity’s favourite person.

Rick and Unity

The love-birds